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Health Benefits of Mint

Mint, a well known mouth and breath freshener, in Hindi known as PUDINA, is an herb with remarkable medicinal properties. The market is full of products like tooth paste, chewing gums, mouth & breathe fresheners, candies and inhalers etc. which are based on mint. The health benefits of mint include the following:

•    Digestion:
Due to its typical aroma, Mint is a good appetizer and promotes digestion. It also helps stomach in cases of indigestion, inflammation etc.

•    Nausea & Headache:
The strong and refreshing aroma of mint is an excellent remedy for nausea. Whenever you feel breathing problem, smell the oil of mint or crushed  mint leaves or use any other product with mint flavor, whatever is available near you, and it will be gone  Mint based Balms or simply mint oil, when rubbed on forehead and nose, gives quick relief in headache.

•    Cough:
As Mint cools and soothes throat, nose and other respiratory channels, it gives relief in cough

•    Asthma:

Regular use of mint is very useful for asthma patients, as it is a good relaxant and gives relief in congestion. But, over dosage may irritate as well.

•    Skin Care
Mint  juice is an excellent skin cleanser. It soothes skin, cures infections, itching etc., and is also good for pimples. It  can also be used for treating bites of insects like mosquitoes, honey-bees, hornets etc. For curing pimple , you can make paste of mint and mix it face pack or apply directly.

•    Oral Care:
This is a well known property of mint. Being a germicidal and breath freshener, it takes care of oral health by inhibiting harmful bacterial growth inside mouth and by cleaning tongue and teeth.

Nutritional Value of Mint
Given below is the amount of nutrients present in 100g of mint

    * Moisture - 84.9 g
    * Protein - 4.8 g
    * Fat - 0.6 g
    * Minerals - 1.9 g
    * Fibre - 2 g
    * Carbohydrate - 5.8 g
    * Calcium - 200 mg
    * Phosphorus - 62 mg
    * Iron - 15.6 mg
    * Carotene - 1620 μg
    * Thiamine - 0.05 mg
    * Niacin - 1 mg
    * Riboflavin - 0.26 mg
    * Folic Acid (Free) - 9.7 μg
    * Folic Acid (Total) - 114 μg
    * Vitamin C - 27 mg
    * Magnesium - 60 mg
    * Copper - 0.18 mg
    * Manganese - 0.57 mg
    * Zinc - 0.44 mg
    * Chromium - 0.008 mg
    * Oxalic Acid - 33 mg
    * Phytin Phosphorus - 4 mg
    * Energy - 48 Kcal

Cook With Pia also has many mint based recipes. You can use mint in form of chutney, refreshing drinks, mix it in the rice, biryany or vegetable. It add a refreshing taste in both snack and main course prepration .
Some of the mint based preparations I am adding in the article

Pudina Dhania Chutney
Lemon Mint Ginger Refresher 

Lemon Mint Ginger Refresher

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  1. FB Comments
    Sumita Trikha- A very good tip indeed! Mint is helpful in many ways. Its has a cooling effect to our body.it also cures indigestion. Whenn added to curd it gives a superb taste.it can alsoi be added to nonveg like chicken, mutton. N veggies like potato cauliflower to enhance the taste.

    Bindu Dawar how can mint cure pimples........eating or applying

    CookWithPia -applying . make paste of mint. you can apply directly or in face pack


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