Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to do with Leftover Rotis

Many times, we have some leftover roties, We dont want to throw it away , Just want to cook something from these rotis. I asked the same question on my facebook page. a lot of ideas came up from that. I am  rewriting  these ideas here along with some of my ideas .

Some of My Ideas
1. We can make upma with leftover rotis. I will post its recipe soon

2. We can break rotis into small pieces and mix it with kadi . Your delicious roti kadi will be ready.

3. another ideas is coming to my mind is preparing koftas out of it.

4. Another version of poha can be sweet poha.

5 if you have both roti and vegetable left ,you can prepare Roti Rolls from  it , by adding some tomatos , cabbage , onion  and sometime leftover vegetable to it.

Ideas shared by readers

Sumita Trikha
  • Firstly make roti upma in the same way as bread or rava .
  • Grind the rotis in the mixer add onions, green chillies add the dry masala and use the stuffing to make pararthas.
  • Thirdly add little ghee on the rotis and heat it nicely on the tava then add little jaggery and ghee n mix well n eat.

Lata Pessumal

My mom used to cut the rotis into quarters, deep fry them then sprinkle with a little salt and black pepper and used to serve us as snacks with tea.

Kanthi LakshmiRao

if u have remaining curry/subji too,then go for vegetable frankis and freeze.. before eating you can reheat them..

Khyati Mitra Yadav

you can make pakora of roti. Break roti in small pieces put onion, all dry masalas, coriander leaves,gram flour and fry them

I know  there can be others alternatives also. If you also have some recipe share with all readers as comment ... All readers and me to love to know them :)


  1. Nice ideas..waiting to see the recipes..

  2. You could also make laddoos using leftover rotis.
    Grind the rotis a mixer and lightly roast the ground powder, Add powdered sugar (as required) and cardamom powder. Add melted ghee to the mix, little by little (only for binding and that yumm taste). Roll into laddoos. Yo! this is one of the easiest recipes to try with leftover rotis and is also loved by children. ;)

  3. Awesome and useful ideas,thanks for sharing..

  4. Very useful ideas. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Very useful tips,love the idea of this post !! very happy to follow you.

  6. I love the idea of Roti Upma - Make bread upma all the time, but did not think to do that rotis - thanks for that wonderful idea


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