Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jeera ajwain Roti

this roti is it self can be part of your special dinner or you can try for a change. Using a simple wheat dough , you can convert into this roti . I have learnt  it from my cousin.


 2 cup wheat flour
2 tps cumin seeds
2 tps ajwain

make dough with water , in a medium soft dough
1. take a lemon size dough.
2. roll like small roti.
3. distribute little cumin seeds, ajwain seeds, salt. roll on it.
4. spread a little flour on it.
5. roll a medium size roti.
6. method of cooking is slightly different. cook it on a tava that is used for roasting papad, or other vegetable.
7. cook from both side till golden brown.
8. spread butter on one side (with jeera and ajwain)
9. Serve hot with vegetable of your choice


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