Friday, January 21, 2011

Innovative Salad Event #1

I would like to present a new monthly event at this blog - Innovative Salads.

This blog is dedicated to healthy cooking, as you all know. Salad can be define as most healthy part of meal. Salad can also be center of your innovation in  term of ingredients , taste, look, flavor or cuisine.

In this event I will provide one ingredient , that need to part of your recipe. You can use that ingredient in any form. I am starting this event with a simple ingredient Cucumber. use cucumber and use all your imagination. I am expecting a lot of Innovative Salads from all my blogger friends and all reader's of cook healthy.

Ingredient of the month- Cucumber

Things you need to remember

1. Make Salad using Ingredient(Cucumber this month) of the Event and post it in your blog, Its simple na

 2. Archived posts are welcome, You have to just link your post to this event by adding link and logo of this event in your post
3. Link your recipes to the link provided at the end of this post .

4. Multiple entries are allowed but restricted to 3 per blog.
5.Add logo of the event and  link in your post

6. non Blogger can also send their recipes .  
7. Mail your entries to cookwithpia(at)gmail(dot)com with the following details:

Your name
Blog name and blog URL
Entry name and URL
A picture of your entry

if Non blogger send your entry with complete recipe and photo of recipe. I will be happy to publish them to the 

8. last date to submit your recipes is 25th Feb 2011. 

9 Both veg and Non Veg entries are allowed

Waiting some great Salad Treat


  1. Wonderful idea! I will try to come up with something tasty :)

  2. Hi.
    first time here.
    Incidentally one more salad event is happening this month, you can check out the details in my blog. Would surely try to contribute something here.


  3. I havent many salad but with this event I am going to try something : )

    Super Yummy Recipes

  4. Interesting event..will send my entries soon..

  5. hmmm... interesting... will try to think of something... not a big salad person!

  6. nice event and good for health
    1st time here wonderful space do visit my blog

  7. First time here..Yummy recipe collection.
    Gald to follow you..
    Healhty and intereing event. Will try to send my entry.

  8. nice theme indeed....would surely try to participate...
    thanx for visiting for blog...keep visiting!

  9. Thanks for your comment Pia. as for this idea about salad will send my entry!

  10. Thanks for the warm comments Pia. Thank you for the invite..Will definitely be a part of this wonderful event!!

  11. Great idea - I'm excited to see what people add!

  12. wow...very nice event, will try to participate ...

  13. Lovely event ...will surely participate...

  14. Hey thanks for informing me about your event. Have posted three already existing recipes (well - one is with pickled cukes...You didnt mention what kind they have to be, and everyone at work was raving about the salad, so I added it regardless).

    Please choose spinach for your next month's ingredient!

  15. spoke too soon. my pickled cucumber salad recipe wont upload for some reason. Its here

  16. Thank you for hosting this event and for inviting me. It is a humbling experience and opens ways to learn about different cooking styles.

  17. Nice event...will definitely try and participate...Happy hosting!

    Vegetarian Cultural Creatives

  18. Nice event will try to participate. First time here and you have a great space. Drop in when time permits.

    You can spread your event here in my Events blog


  19. Nice event...Already sent my entry a while back.
    Happy Hosting.

  20. Hi Pia
    This is my second entry to your wonderful event using "Cucumbers"

  21. Thks Pia, I've linked my Cucumber Double Tuna Flakes & added your logo & link in my post too! Great event!


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