Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ask Pia


Dear pia,
I want to make granola bars like we get in market..... the crisp one....with oats n nuts.....
wanted tips for the crisp  eggless biscuits  thanx.....:)

CookWithPia  : I would try to include this recipe soon on the blog.

I just met you on facebook, i tried your Chicken recipe, very very nice.  
is it possible to send me recipe of  how to make Garam Masala?

CookWithPia : Thanks a lot for your appreciation. You can find recipe on 

Anju Kalidas 
Hey Pia this is Namrata, Luv ur recipes. I m a sindhi and there is a recipe called Singhar Ji Mithai............made of Unsalted (feeka) sev and mawa. M wondering if u can find me the recipe for Unsalted sev.
CookWithPia : I will try to update recipe of unsalted Sev soon 


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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