Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plastic chutney (Raw Papaya Chutney)

I brought raw papaya yesterday. I got this recipe on internet. Name sound really intersting na. Adapted from many side and choosen the best we can like. Khatta meeth taste of this chutney is amaizing. You can not guess its papaya if no one will tell you

Raw papata 250 gm
Sugar 300 gm
Raisins 20
One pinch of salt
One pinch of turmaric powder
Lemon juice 2tps

1. Peel the papaya and cut it into horizontal stripes.
2. Now cut thin slices of papaya strips. Try to cut as thin as possible
3. Heat the sauce pan. Add sugar and little water. Add papaya  and raisins into that
4. Add a pinch of salt and turmatic powder
5. Let papaya cooked properly. Add sugar water will become thick
6. Remove the pan from heat and add lemon juice.
7. Cool it and enjoy with your meal

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