Friday, July 8, 2011

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is my all-time favorite flavor to add to any cuisine whether Indian, Chinese , Italian or any other cuisine. Best thing about garlic is , its not only flavorful but it also contain a number of health benefits. Like one I remember. My husband’s 
bad cholesterol came a little high. So my Mother in law recommended few garlic cloves in morning before breakfast.

Garlic is has lot more such properties. If you enjoy garlic in your meals its only a good sign for you.

Cardiovascular Health and High Cholesterol 
There are two types of Cholesterol, Good and Bad. Problem starts when your bad cholesterol is higher then the good cholesterol. . Modern medicine has found that garlic contains allicin which scavenges hydroxyl radicals (OH). This is turn is thought to prevent LDLs from being oxidised. In simple language, It helps in reducing Bad cholesterol. If you have problems with high cholesterol go ahead and take some garlic. Fresh or cooked garlic or 500 mg garlic capsules twice daily helps in lowers down the blood pressure & cardiovascular problems. I
Allicin found in Galric, naturally increases antioxidant enzymes like Atalase and Glutathione Peroxidase in your blood. It helps against the damaging effects of nicotine and slows the aging process of your liver by inhibiting lipid peroxidation.
 Garlic has 1% of the potency of penicillin and can ward off a number of bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, Cryptococcal meningitis, Candida albican and Staphylococcus. The problem with most antibiotics is that bacteria develops resistance to them, however this is not the case with garlic.
Blood Clots 
It thins the blood, reduces clotting and helps in controlling blood pressure and poor circulation.
Improve Digestion
Garlic works as a cleanser of the digestive system, helps in curing flatulence, kills internal parasites and is an excellent internal antiseptic
Some Garlic Recipes in 

Try these recipes and enjoy befinifits of garlic


  1. Thanks dear! i have a love hate relationship with garlic! Love it sometimes hate often. But after reading your post looks like I will eat it more often.

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  3. I know that, Garlic is a wonderful medicine for heart problem and also helpful for many health problems. Thanks for your healthy information.

  4. For a person who had NEVER had garlic growing up, I have more than made up for my abstinence of this most delicious, flavorful herb/ shallot/veggie??
    informative post! thanks for sharing

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