Friday, July 16, 2010


Rotis and Parathas are important part of Indian diet. I always like to add variety in this part. This time I have tried Thepla.. a Gujrati recipe. It’s a good if you want some variation in taste. You can store it for two three days.


1.5 Cup Whole wheat flour
½ cup of besan
1 tps salt
2 tps oil
1 tps red chilly
1 cup finely chopped methi leaves
1 cup Curd

  1. Mix wheat flour, besan , chopped methi leaves, salt, red chilly and oil
  2. Add curd and water to make semi hard dough. Keep it for 10 mins
  3. Divide it into 8 equal part
  4. Roll out each portion . heat the tava.
  5. Cook on both side until brown. Add little oil on both side.
  6. Serve hot

Palak Methi ka Sag

I believe to add sag into our diet at least once in a week. So love to try new recipes over it. Mostly we eat palak paneer, palak aalo , methi aalo . this time I have decided to make something new.. a Mixed sag. I have added Palak and Methi in it . But if you want you can also add bathua or any other saag of your choice. Its really nice.
2 bunch Palak
1 bunch methi
1 medium Onion finely chopped
1” ginger finely chopped
7-8 clove of garlic
3 Chillies
Salt according to taste
½ tps of Garam masala
1 tps oil

  1. Cut and clean palak and methi in chop into roughly .
  2. Heat oil. Add onion , ginger and garlic into the oil
  3. When onion become brown add palak and methi., add salt
  4. Cook it until it become soft.
  5. Now grind the sag in grinder (not into smooth paste)
  6. Transfer mixture gain to pan.
  7. Add little garam masala and amchoor(Optional).
  8. Cook it for 10-15 min. serve hot with paratha or chapati

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Banana Cutlet Without oil

I prefer to have something with less oil or no oil. this is my mother recipie of Banana cutlet. she fry it but i wanted to try something less oily so I cook it without oil . result was really good.

4-5 Raw Banana
2 Boiled Patao
2-3 green chilly finely chopped
½ bunch coriander finely chopped
Salt according to taste
1 tps amchur
½ tps red chilly
½ tps garam masala
1 cup suji

1. Cut banana into 2-3 pieces . boil Banana and Potatoes
2. When boiled , mash banana and potato or you can grade them
3. Now add green chilly, corriender, salt, amchur , red chilly , garam masala into the mixture. Mix it
4. Now add suji in the mixture
5. Make small cutlet of shape you like
6. Heat the tava. put cutlets on tava . Cook it until it is brown from both side. Sparkle water on tava time to time
7. Serve hot with green chutney 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fried Baby Corn

I ate it in one of the resturant in the bangalore. It was really crspy and tasty. I did not have recipe of that fried baby corn but after guessing the ingredents I cooked it and result was really good

8 Baby corn
2 tps corn flour
½ tps black pepper
½ tps white pepper
½ tps garam masala
Oil to fry


1. Cut corns into 4 pieces vertically

2. Take corn flour, add salt, black pepper , white pepper, garam masala

3. Add water to make thick batter.

4. Now add baby corns in the better

5. Heat oil and fry the baby corn

6. Serve with green chutney or tomato sauce

Note- If you want to avoid oil you can bake it in pre heated oven.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is a important dish in our most of the festivals like karwa chuth, holi .. I have takn this recipie form my mother and cooked in the same way. It was really tasty (As it always be). If you have having it boiled only it is really healthy. even you can fry it have it for with your tea.


3 Cup Whole wheat flour(Atta)
1 tps salt

2 tps oil
 For Filling
2 cup Chana dal soaked for one night

4-5 Green chilly chopped

1 bunch Green Coriander chopped

Ginger 1” chopped

Salt according to taste

½ tps Garam masala

1 tps amchoor(Dried Mango powder)


Add little water into chana dal and make a smooth paste in grinder

Now add chopped Coriander, green chilly, ginger, salt , garam masala and amchoor in the dal batter

Keep it aside for 15 minute

Mix together salt and flour and rub in two tablespoons of oil, then add enough water to make a stiff dough

Keep it for 10 minutes

Now make large thick roti with it

Cut roti into 2” square pieces. There 8-10 pieces in one roti.

Now take one piece . Fill dal mixture in it. And fold it

Fill all of them.

Take a vessal and spread few drop of oil it, Now put fara on the vessal and cook these fara in steam for 30 mins

Serve hot with green chutney.

Note You can also fry it. Add 3 tps of oil in a pan . now mustard seeds in oil. Now add fara cutted in small pieces. Serve with green chutney or sauce of your choice

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