Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vegetable Penne Pasta with Tomato Herb Sauce

I am back to my kitchen after long time. Its harder to find time for cooking now because of baby but still I try to find time for cooking too. I missed cooking for last many month.
This time I made this layered pasta. It turned out really tasty herbs and coriander added really wonder in the dish. It was a nice change and perfect dinner for us


For Pasta Layer
Penne Pasta 200gm
Olive oil 1tps
Salt according to taste
For Vegetable layer
½ cup mushroom
½ cup carrot
¼  cup beans
¼  cup baby corn
Other vegetable of your choice
1 tps oregano
½ tps thyme
For tomato herb sauce
3 tomatos chopped
1 onion chopped
2 green chilly chopped
8 to 10 clove garlic
1 ½ tps Thyme
½ tps mixed herb
½ tps chilly flakes
Top layer
½ cup chopped coriander
½ cup cheese grated
  • 1.       Boil pasta according to instruction on packet
For Tomato sauce
  • 2.       Heat  2 tbsp of oil in a pan, add chopped garlic and green chilly
  • 3.       Add chopped onion
  • 4.       When onion will change its color, add chopped tomato.
  • 5.       Cook tomatos till it become soft, now add little water
  • 6.       Add thyme and mixed herd.
  • 7.       Let it cook for another 5-7 minutes
For Vegetables Layer
  • 8.       Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in the pan and add onion
  • 9.       Now add all vegetables in the pan
  • 10.   When vegetable are half cooked, add thyme, mixed herb, chilly flakes and salt
  • 11.   Cook for another  5 min
  • 12.   Take a microwave safe dish
  • 13.   Add panne at bottom. Mix 2 tps olive oil in it
  • 14.   Next make layer of vegetable
  • 15.   Now add tomato sauce on top
  • 16.   Now make a layer of chopped coriander
  • 17.   On the top add  grated cheese
  • 18.   Cook in microwave on High for 5  minute .
19.   Serve hot

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