Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Angel arrived in my Life

I was not so active from last few months. I am going to disclose the reason today. I was pregnant. On 1st of December I am blessed with an angle like daughter, Parnika. Being a mother is such a beautiful feeling you cannot describe in word. Your day and night belong to your child, but there is no tiredness or complaint in your mind. Doing work for your child really give a new level of satisfaction. 

Next few months will be similarly busy for me. I want to share my pregnancy experience with you all. I will write an article  on my  pregnancy experience , especially the diet I was following for healthy pregnancy. Everyone’s pregnancy is different but a healthy diet helps you in getting a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.

Bye till next article, You might not get it very soon but I will surely try to be active on the blog.

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