Friday, July 16, 2010


Rotis and Parathas are important part of Indian diet. I always like to add variety in this part. This time I have tried Thepla.. a Gujrati recipe. It’s a good if you want some variation in taste. You can store it for two three days.


1.5 Cup Whole wheat flour
½ cup of besan
1 tps salt
2 tps oil
1 tps red chilly
1 cup finely chopped methi leaves
1 cup Curd

  1. Mix wheat flour, besan , chopped methi leaves, salt, red chilly and oil
  2. Add curd and water to make semi hard dough. Keep it for 10 mins
  3. Divide it into 8 equal part
  4. Roll out each portion . heat the tava.
  5. Cook on both side until brown. Add little oil on both side.
  6. Serve hot


  1. can add curd or buttermilk to make the dough ... thepla will become very soft and better taste...

  2. Arent these theplas the yummiest things you can make. I add a little yogurt and garlic paste too to my theplas. Learnt it from my aunt in Bombay! I love theplas with some sweet mango pickle.

  3. I always make these for travelling somewhere by road, as its a nuisance to stop for food too many times and eating while driving is really fun. I use curd and pudina leaves and lots of coriander too, and pack them in airtight ziplockers. really yummy snack and very filling.

  4. you can make dough with milk and little water for soft theplas (parathas)

  5. thanks everyone for suggestions

    Now add 1 cup curd in the dough. It really make thepla's very soft and tasty


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