Monday, January 3, 2011

Chilly Garlic Prawns

 Chilly Garlic Prawn- I love prawn , prawn really taste good in Chinese   sauces

250 gm medium prawns
1 small red capsicum
1 small yellow capsicum
1 large onion
1 tps soya sauce
1 tps chilly sauce
1/2 tps black pepper
8-10 garlic chopped
salt according to taste
1/4 tps MSG(optional)
1/2 cup corn flour
salt according to taste
2 tps oil


1. cut onion. red and yellow capsicum in same square size.
2. add little oil in the pan. add onion , saute till onion will change its colour.
3. add chopped garlic and ginger garlic paste. saute for few minutes
4. add red and yellow capsicum and prawns. add salt and mix well.
5. cover the lid of pan and let it cook for another 5-7 minutes, saute in between.
6. add msg, soya sauce, black pepper and mix well.
7. mix corn flour in water and put in the pan.
8. let it cook for another 6-7 minutes or till prawns are cooked
9. serve hot with rice or noodles

Note- this time i did a bit change in my routine fried rice. i have added soya sauce , black pepper and salt at the time of cooking rice in the microwave. It helps in reducing oil in the rice intake. A lot of vegetables are already in the vegetable so i preferred this version


  1. Already drooling after looking at the chill garlic prawns. Must have tasted great as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. I'm a prawn lover too & Happy 2011 to u, Pia!


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