Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chana Dal Bhari puri

This Puri is part of most of festivals in my in laws place. Its really good option for brunch or heavy breakfast


1.5 cup Chana dal
1 tps jeera
1 tps red chilly powder
1/2 tps turmaric powder
salt according to taste

2 cup whole wheat aata
2 tps oil
salt accoding to taste

Oil to fry

1. sock chana dal in hot water for 1 hour

2. add dal, red chilly powder, turmaric powder, dal , bhuna jeera in cooker. add water. it should be less because we have to make dry dal. let it cook for 4-5 vessels

3. open the cooker. and mash the dal.

4. mix salt and oil in the flour. make smooth dough

5. divide dough in 8-10 small portion.

6. make small chapati from one portion. take little mashed dal fill in center. make like ball by closing corners.

7. make puri from that. dont make too thin .

8. Fry in enough oil.

9. serve hot with curd or aalu sabji
Note - Image is indicative purpose only.this image is take from web

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