Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thai Green Curry -Vegetable

Last weekend i have tried marwadi cusine. This weekend I wanted to try something Thai. This curry I wanted to prepare from long. Its really nice. I can not comparem it with any other thing. It was really nice.


For Green Curry Paste

10 lemon grass
1 onion
1" Galangal
9-10 garlic clove
1tps lemon rind
1 small bunch corriander
1 tps corriander seeds
1 tps cumin seeds
2 green chilly


1/2 cup Gobhi cut into small peices
1/4 cup cup carrot chopped
1/2 cup chopped mushroom
1/2 cup chopped baby corn
1 tps lemon juice
1 cut coconut milk
4-5 besil leaves


1. make Green chilly paste by grinding all ingrednts .

2. heat the pan and add green curry paste in the pan. saute for 1 minute

3. now add vegetables and saute for 2-3 minutes.

4. take few lemon grass and tie in muslin cloth.

5. add 2 cup water and put lemon grass bundle in it. mix well. let it cook for another 4-5 minutes.

6. get the lemon grass bundle out.

7. add coconut water , salt in the pan. let for cook it all vegetable are cooked.

8 add chopped basil leaves for saute for 1 minute.

9. serve hot with rice or fried rice



  1. I looooooooooooooove this curry, your version sounds yum!!
    This is my first visit to your blog but I love the food you feature here. I'll be back often:)

    US Masala

  2. Just drooling here, am an addict to Thai dishes..


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