Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reduce Weight without Dieting

Being overweight is one of the big problem, mostly Indian are facing. I am just giving simple steps to reduce weight without going on diet.

Eat Breakfast Everyday

A big misconception about Dieting is to skip breakfast. Actual need of body is totally opposite to that. You should always take proper breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day. It provides a lot of energy that you need to perform your whole day tasks. Actually skipping breakfast can result in eating more throughout the day.

Use liquid calories wisely

If you are feeling thrust, it is always better to have water. Liquid calories you are taking from carbonated drinks, juices are actually providing easy calories to your body because body doesn’t need to do any work to digest it. If you want to drink something its always better to have water or you can take some citrus drink without sugar, low fat milk or 100% juice.

Go for grain

Replace fine grain with whole grains. Reduce intake of fine grain products like white bread, cookies, cake etc. instead of start using whole wheat bread, whole wheat chapatti, multi grain chapatti and brown rice. They are fiber rich and body need to do more work to digest them and they will also fulfill need of fiber in body.

Eat less than your hunger

Eat a little less than your hunger. If you feel like eating 3 roties have only 2.5. It will satisfy your hunger and also you are taking fewer calories. Just try to reduce you’re your food intake by 10 or 20%, you will start losing weight. Have food in small bowl or plates. That will help you in eating less still you will be feeling full.

Walk more

Reduce use of lift to minimal. If your destination is on 2nd or 3rd floor, instead of Lift go by stairs. Even if you have to go 5th ot 7th floor don’t take lift for at least 2 floor. If you have to go near by market park your vehicle at a distance and go by walk. It will give a good amount of exercise to your body and help in burning some extra calories . Some other steps can be walk when you are taking on phone, get your pet out whenever you get chance.

More protein in diet

Try to add more protein in your diet. Protein takes more time to digest so you will feel full for more time. So you are less likely to over eat. For more protein you can include pulses, sprouts, egg, and chicken in your diet, peanut butter, low fat yoghurt in your diet.

Switch to low calorie alternative

You can trim calories very effectively if you will switch to low fat alternatives. Like start using low fat butter, low fat yoghurt, skim milk, reduce use of mayonnaise in sandwich, reduce oily food , reduce intake of fast food.

Go Vegetarian

Reduce intake on meat products to minimum. If you like to take non vegetarian 3 times a week, reduce it to one time a week. It will help to not taking extra calories. Vegetables has less calories but they are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein

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  1. Nice Info. I am struggling with my weight.

  2. wonderful post ...very useful for me ..thanks for sharing


  3. thanks swathi, satya and kothitavanu!!!

  4. very good tips dear.... will try to follow.....

  5. Extremely good tips and would like to follow you to learn more:)


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